Everyone has a soup-lover inside

You may not love soup…yet. Until just now!

Our team at Hotsoup believes that joy and happiness come in the shape of a hot bowl of soup. We bring various shades of that joy to people through a wide range of authentic soup flavours; embracing both western and eastern cuisines. As tasty and healthy as mum’s cooking (maybe almost as tasty. Love you, mum!), Hotsoup is where you can freely enjoy life, eat fantastic soup and stay healthy. Simple!

Western soup collection


"Smells great, tastes great! Usually hate broccoli but this soup has changed my mind. After trying some, my niece loves it so much that she keeps stealing my food!"

- Hoo Yen Fern, 38 

"Not much complains for this diet as the soup is super yummy with no preservatives (really important for breastfeeding mommies like me)"

- Theresa Wong, 29 

"Got a chance to try out their clam chowder as highly recommended by my bestie who is always health consicious and yet loves yummy food! The soup was really value for money as it was not only tasty, there was also lots and lots of clams (i really mean it), so much more than what restaurants serves!!"

- Siew Fong Stephie, 27 

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